July 19, 2024

Recharging My Well With lovely things

A few lovely things
Lately I’ve been feeling like my well is running low…

Not like an actual physical well (because I don’t have a well in my condo!), however I mean the well for, like, my spirit — the deep location inside of you that soaks up as well as stores motivation as well as keeps you going. The part you can draw from when you want to do something creative.


I truly haven’t been great about refilling my well lately or, to mix metaphors, I truly haven’t been great about recharging my batteries. Or adding gas to my innovative tank.

Reading helps. as well as listening to music. as well as watching brainless TV. as well as laughing. as well as any type of downtime, really. as well as going for walks. however one of the things that likewise assists is surrounding myself with lovely things, as well as right here are a few things I’m surrounding myself with this week to assist me “refill my well.”

This notebook by Denik, for starters. I discovered it on my trip to Tahoe this fall, as well as I’ve been saving it to utilize on a rainy day. I like the colors on the cover as well as the message, “Don’t stop Your Day Dream,” as well as the lovely silvery font. The purple as well as blue speak to me.


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

Don’t you like new notebooks? — the blank pages as well as all the possibilities? I’m calling this my “Silver linings Journal” since I’m going to utilize it to compose about any type of positive things that occur to me.

It’s so simple to fill journals with poor things, isn’t it? I totally get that, as well as I’ve done it many times before since it feels great to unload when you aren’t feeling great, as well as when you don’t want to burden your good friends as well as family. It’s just easier sometimes to lay it all out in a journal.

But I truly want to utilize this journal to celebrate all of the silver linings as well as great things that occur throughout the day.


Növények. When I surround myself with plants, I just feel…happier, so while I was at Trader Joe’s last weekend I took a long time to odor the roses, so to speak, as well as admire their lovely flowers as well as greenery.

You can never have sufficient glitter
This bit shine tree came house with me!

No really, you can never have enough!
Meg kellett tennem. Isn’t it the cutest!? It’s sprinkled with glitter. There’s shine in the leaves, shine in the pot. It’s glorious! There’s shine everywhere.

It’s right here on my desk with me right now. I still have to name him (I’m quite sure it’s a him)…

Speaking of TJ’s, I likewise got myself this small bouquet of flowers while I was there. It was about $5 as well as has bit hydrangeas as well as other cute, springy sprigs. There’s likewise a bit pinecone in it, which is hidden in this photo for some unknown reason… I assumption she was shy!

Flowers usually help


The new hourglass Ambient lighting Strobe combination takes my breath away every time I open it.

Olyan szép…
Like flowers, hourglass usually helps
Hourglass mixed the three blushes in this combination — coral Incandescent Electra, warm peachy brown brilliant nude as well as lavender Euphoric fusion — with their high-shine Ambient Strobe lighting Powder highlighters, then added finely milled flecks of golden glitter, which provides the blushes a “Let’s go to Vegas!” hangulat.

The finishes are shinier as well as sparklier than the powders in the original Ambient lighting blush combination a few years ago, so watch out! — sparkly Karen is a-comin’!

It’s $62 as well as offered now at Sephora stores as well as sephora.com.

Wearing hourglass Euphoric fusion on my cheeks
Wearing hourglass brilliant nude on my cheeks
Wearing hourglass Incandescent Electra on my cheeks
Last, however not least, my new sweatshirt weather condition candle from bath as well as Body Works, because…cold weather condition as well as candles, ya know? I believe they just go together well.

Time for sweatshirt Weather


I hope you take a long time this week to recharge as well as refill your well. sending you great deals of like as well as a huge hug.

A barátságos közösségi szépségfüggő,


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