July 19, 2024

With new NARS Audacious Mascara, What’s the Hook?

NARS Audacious Mascara ($26)
Raise yo’ paws to the heavens/roof! — NARS has a new mascara, which is rather a unusual occurrence in NARS Land. It’s new NARS Audacious Mascara in Black Moon ($26), as well as it has an outrageous hook.

Actually, hooks.


No, really, it actually has hooks. See the bristles on the red brush? Those are bit hooks…

BANANAS, right? Tudom! The hooks are supposed to catch lashes to much better lengthen, lift, thicken as well as separate them, as well as I believe it really works.

I see satiny black lashes with nice length at the tips, as well as it pulls the lashes upward to keep a great curl. You can likewise add one more layer as the day uses on, since everybody understands that nothing beats the 3 p.m. work blahs like an additional layer of mascara.


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No, seriously, this mascara layers truly well. No clumps, bumps or flakes. just tons of seamless length, separation, lift as well as volume. It goes from cube mascara to club mascara like *that* (snaps fingers).

NARS Audacious Mascara ($26) as well as the new NARS Kohliner in Minorque ($25)

So, the brush.

Took a couple times to get utilized to it, however I adapted quickly, since in the cat-eat-cat world of mascaras, only the strong make it through (it’s Darwinian that way!).

The clean head is on the larger side of the clean head spectrum, as well as the hooks feel a bit ticklish as well as weird sometimes (they kinda poke my lash lines).

They don’t hurt, however expect a mascara “adjustment period.”

I’m still getting utilized to utilizing the clean on my lower lash lines, as well as I may even give up on that, since I believe the clean may be as well huge to get at those fine infant hairs.

But even with that, I truly such as this mascara. Nagyon. My eyes look wider as well as truly huge when I wear it — kinda like one of those huge Eyes paintings from back in the day.

Two coats as well as liner on the left; bare lashes on the right
Ó! — as well as NARS has a new twist-up black liner, too. It’s called NARS Kohliner ($25), aka Audacious Mascara’s “partner in line.” It’s for lining water lines to make your lashes look thicker at the base.

Tetszik. It’s creamy as well as soft, super black, doesn’t irritate my eyes, as well as it freakin’ stays ON.

Right now it’s only offered in one shade, Minorque, which is named after one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean.

And that, my friend, was your fun truth for the day.

That’s two coats of NARS Audacious Mascara on my lashes


Bust out yo’ day planner since NARS Audacious Mascara is coming to NARS boutiques, NARS Nordstrom counters as well as the NARS website August 1, while NARS Kohliner shows up August 15 to NARS shops as well as the website, as well as then on September 1 at Sephora as well as NARS counters.

PRICE: $26 for the mascara as well as $25 for the liner
AVAILABILITY: new members of the long-term collection; NARS Audacious Mascara is coming to NARS boutiques, NARS Nordstrom counters as well as on the internet August 1; NARS Kohliner will be showing up August 15 at NARS shops as well as online, as well as September 1 at Sephora as well as NARS counters.
MAKEUP as well as beauty blog RATING: B+ for the mascara, as well as an A for the liner!

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