July 19, 2024

Dressing Up denim With the dynamic Duo of a jacket as well as a pair of printed shoes

I just recently had a fashion revelation, as well as by just recently I imply a few days ago. If you throw on a adorable jacket as well as a pair of shoes with a classy print, you can quite much turn any type of standard-issue attire into something quite darned cute.

I’m not sure why this technique works, or what the fashion-based scientific logic is, however it does. Something about the different shapes, lines, structures as well as patterns on what would otherwise be a ho-hum canvas…


Take this white storage tank as well as skinnies…

Super laid-back on their own, yes? however instead of using them with “the usual,” likewise understood as my preferred black Zella hoodie as well as a pair of flip-flops (seriously, many of the time I’m lured to gown like I’m going skateboarding by the beach), I put on this laid-back beige as well as gray zip-up jacket with these adorable cat-print Vans.

The addition of the jacket as well as printed shoes somewhat gowns up the attire however doesn’t make it look excessively dressy. ideal to go to a baseball/basketball game, a picnic or a barbecue.


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

You may keep in mind these shoes… I got them last year when Vans did their ASPCA collaboration. You’d believe that a pair of shoes covered with cats would only rate of interest a minority of crazy feline ladies, however I get a surprisingly high number of compliments on these shoes, as well as not only in pet stores, LOL!

I believe in the situation of these specific shoes, the feline print works with so numerous different attire since of the preponderance of neutral-colored kitties. The gray, beige, tan as well as black choose practically whatever in my closet.

See exactly how the gray as well as beige in the shoes matches with the beige as well as gray in the jacket?

Ooh, matchy-matchy…but not ridiculously so.

The jacket, by the way, is from loft (big surprise), as well as it’s extremely soft as well as cozy. feels practically like high-end sweatshirt material. I’ve wished to upgrade my laid-back outerwear situation, as well as this achieves that nicely. It chooses denim as well as tees, laid-back dresses, shorts, rompers…and you can even wear it with workout clothes, too. It’s extremely flexible!

And it’s on sale on the internet best now for 60% off with the promotion code FLASH, if you’re interested.

Here’s one more example of the exact same denim as well as tank, however this time around with an large alligator eco-friendly jacket with huge pockets, as well as a pair of leopard-print flats.

This look is likewise très casual, as well as better, I think, for things like sightseeing or brunch in the city. I believe the intensity of the jacket works with well with the brown as well as black shoes.

The jacket’s one more loft gem, by the way, as well as I wear it whenever I want flexibility from my purse. I just stick my wallet, keys, phone as well as gloss into the deep pockets, which snap shut, as well as go on my merry way. It’s likewise roomy sufficient to layer.

As for the shoes, GURL! — believe it or not, however they’re by Dr. Scholl’s, as well as like the feline print Vans, I get compliments on them all the time. people are shocked — SHOCKED — when I state that they’re by Dr. Scholl’s, as well as honestly I can’t blame them. however they’re extremely comfortable as well as feel extremely cushion-y inside, like I’m walking on fluffy clouds… I wear them all the time.


The take-home message is this: if you’re going laid-back for the day with denim as well as a tee, try skipping the sweatshirt or hoodie, as well as add some polish with a adorable jacket as well as a pair of printed shoes instead.

What I’m using in these looks…

Beige/gray jacket — loft Colorblock Varsity jacket (on sale for $49.99 with an additional 60% off with code FLASH)
Alligator eco-friendly jacket— loft Cotton linen Anorak (on sale now on the internet for 40% off)
Tennis shoes — VANS
Leopard-print flats — Dr. Scholls
White storage tank — Tipsy Elves (this fits snug so size up for a looser fit)
Jeans — loft contemporary very skinny denim in Kinetic Blue laundry (on sale now for $39.99 with an extra 60% off with the code FLASH)
Necklace — Anthropologie (an oldie, no longer available)
Eyes — L’Oreal La combination nude 1
Cheeks — BECCA Damselfly Blush
Lips — MAC Matte Lipstick in runway hit (available on the internet starting may 28, as well as in-stores June 11)

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