July 19, 2024

Adventures in Bread Baking, chapter 1

The very first loaf of bread I ever baked
As of last Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018, I am officially an apprentice self-taught bread baker, as well as I made bread all weekend long. In two days, El Hub, Connor as well as I have already eaten two significant loaves. KETTŐ!

If you want a ? loaf — or loaves — as well as you occur to be within feline walking distance, let me know. I can hook you up. very first come, very first serve!


Granted, I can’t assurance that the loaves will be aesthetically pleasing. After all, this isn’t The excellent British baking show (Paul Hollywood would talk mad crap about my loaves), however they ought to be edible…ish.


It wasn’t a huge rise, however it tasted GOOD.
I’m completely for #allthecarbs, however there’s going to have to be some type of rationing or self-control involved, since I can’t keep eating this much bread… I just can’t.


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I like seeing the flour on the crust.
I really made three loaves on Saturday — one rustic no-knead loaf that I proofed overnight, as well as two French bread loaves that proofed for a couple hours. I provided one of the French breads to Cindy as a belated birthday present when I saw her on Sunday before we went to the museum.

Well, it was expected to be French bread, however it appeared like a focaccia gone wrong… It may have been the weirdest, or the most awesome, birthday present I’ve ever provided anyone.

The rustic loaf before I put it in to bake (it’s in a dutch oven)
The very first loaf was a rustic, no-knead round bread that was simpler than I expected it to be thanks to Laura in the Kitchen.

It was deeeelicious! practically like sourdough! even though it turned out flatter than I hoped, it had good huge holes you might swim through, as well as obviously that’s something you want when you bake specific kinds of bread, which is something I discovered from The excellent British baking Show.

You likewise want height, which, unfortunately, my rustic loaf lacked, since the dough deflated at some point overnight while it proofed in my microwave.

I still don’t understand what went wrong (Was it the plastic bowl? Did the microwave get as well cold?), however I’m identified to figure it out.

The second as well as third loaves were French breads, as well as they were much more challenging. The recipe I utilized was expected to be a great one for bread beginners, however I assumption I did something wrong. I dunno… Bread is type of mysterious. Unlike cooking, where you can typically figure out a method to salvage something if something goes wrong, I believe baking bread is less forgiving. There isn’t as much leeway for incompetence, LOL.

I felt like I had absolutely NO manage over these loaves of French bread.

They started off looking somewhat decent, however they took a detour into The Land of Hideous Bread when I scored the very first loaf (which is when you slash the tops with a knife) as well as unintentionally deflated it.


I likewise unintentionally closed the oven door as well quickly, which flattened it out even more.

We still ate it, though… yes we did. as well as it tasted OK. It wasn’t as great as the rustic loaf, however it was great sufficient for toast at breakfast. as well as for sandwiches at lunch. as well as with beef stew at dinner.

When French bread pretends to be focaccia
Overall, I’d state it was an okay very first chapter in my bread baking odyssey. At least whatever was edible.


A barátságos közösségi bájfüggő,


P.S. Do you ever make bread? as well as do you have any type of great suggestions or recipe suggestions?

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