July 19, 2024

The Bare Traps Saydie Wedge Bootie: like a health club for Your Feet!

UM…OK! twist my arm, why don’t ya, as well as force me against my shoe-loving will to try on this pair of $69.95 Bare Traps Saydie Wedge Booties!

I provide up. Megcsinálom.


Did I mention that I lastly discovered a mommy’s group to satisfy with right here in Novato? Yup, say thanks to you, interwebz! I discovered them on the internet last week, just in time to go to their most current monthly get-together. It was at my regional “safe place” (LOL!) DSW, directly inside the store. There were moms, noms, drinks, chit-chat as well as — WOOT-WOOT! — the store even provided the members of the group a 20% discount rate on everything.

So I got to speak to some new mommies as well as a couple of expecting women, too. It felt great to have some in-person expecting interaction.

Of course, while I there I likewise chosen up this pair of boots…


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

Yes, instead of getting something practical, like a nursing bra, I get shoes.In my defense, though, the label stated they’re “Like a health club for your feet!”

And I’ve truly needed something like that.

My feet have been sore as well as inflamed lately, as well as I’ve gone up half a shoe size. By the end of the day, they feel massive! like two additional long, additional chubby flippers connected to my ankles.

These Saydie Booties by Bear Traps are my new preferred feet-related things in the whole large world. They look like flats from afar, however there’s a hidden 1-1/2″ heel, which is excellent if you requirement a bit additional arch support (like moi). Bear Traps likewise provided them a luxurious material liner, so they’re incredibly soft as well as warm.

I used them around town last weekend, as well as they were comfy ideal out of the box. No requirement to break them in.

If you’re interested, they likewise are available in black, in addition to dark grayish brown, as well as all three are offered online.

While I was at DSW, considering that I was already there, I likewise grabbed this six-pack of Katie as well as Kelly socks ($11). I concern for their safety, since I online with a sock monster that always hides my socks…

On the scale of sock awesomeness…eh, they’re OK. They’re type of thin as well as inconsistent. One or two of the pairs are tighter than the others, so I won’t be heartbroken when the sock monster eats them for dinner.


Have you bumped into any type of adorable shoes lately? any type of bad-@ss boot sightings I must understand about? This crazy shoe woman needs to know.

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