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Saturday Surfing: December 9th, 2017

Target run!
When Pantone declares that Ultra Violet is the new color of the year for 2018, the only thing to do is rush out as well as get a prince tee shirt from Target.



Connor is not impressed…
Between the Pantone statement as well as Raspberry Beret, I took this as a indication from the world that it was time for me to own a Purple rain tee.

The tee shirts run small, so I got a large, presuming it would shrink a little. I desired a somewhat baggy fit. (They’re likewise offered online!)

So the Target right here in Novato is normally empty early on Friday afternoon, however with the holidays coming, everybody as well as their poodle was there…


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

Holiday buying in full effect
On my official listing was tiring stuff I needed for the home (sponges, rubber gloves, laundry detergent), however ya know, it’s simple to get sidetracked in the appeal section, ‘specially when there’s a sale.

Speaking of Prince, LET’S GO CRAZY.
Ruchita, one of the gals who gos to the blog (Say hi to her in the comments sometime! She’s incredibly great as well as helps many, lots of adorable kittehs.), pointed out that I truly requirement to try Espresso cream shadow by Revlon, which just so occurs to be on sale…

A drugstore dupe for the MAC paint Pots. Of program I gotten the two matte browns, ha!
I tried a few of the Revlon shimmer cream shadows a while back. They’re a great deal like the MAC paint Pots, however I haven’t tried any type of of the mattes, so I grabbed Espresso as well as Swiss Chocolate.

Also, not that I requirement one more mascara (she stated for the one zillionth time), however my makeup artist buddy Vanessa Haro raves about $9 L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise, so I grabbed a tube…

FYI, one can quickly spend an obnoxious amount of time debating with herself whether to get Black Noir or Blackest Black mascara.

I seriously stood right here thinking about the pros as well as cons for 10 minutes…
In the end, Blackest Black won the debate.

Fun fact: did you understand that losing hair ties to the Black hole of things never to Be discovered once again is not just a grown woman thing?! young children are afflicted by this condition as well.

Seriously, we’re in this aisle every other week.
I got Connor a pack of vibrant Goody Hair ties for her ponytails not as well long ago, as well as they’ve all disappeared.

Sometimes I discover one in the car, on the shower room floor or under a pillow on the couch, however there were A great deal in that bundle when it started… I chosen up a replacement pack.

Connor likewise chosen out some new bows as well as tried on some feline ears for fun.

Nem lenyűgözte. Újra.
Before we left the appeal aisles, we got a terrific surprise. We bumped into an MBB visitor named Sharaz! She was doing a bit of appeal buying for herself as well as was great sufficient to state hi. say thanks to you, Sharaz. It was fantastic satisfying you!

Hi, Sharaz!
I’m so ecstatic about my appeal loot! I can’t wait to wear Revlon Espresso this weekend.

But before that, let’s do some Saturday surfing.

Here are the stories that caught my eye this week…

I believed this piece in the new York Times by author Ashton Applewhite was extremely thought-provoking:
“Appearance matters. adornment pleases. however society’s obsession with the method women look is less about appeal than about obedience to a punishing outside basic — as well as power. When women contend to ‘stay young,’ we collude in our own dis-empowerment. When we rank other women by age, we strengthen ageism, sexism, lookism as well as patriarchy. What else we can all of us agree on? This is one poor bargain. It sets us as much as fail.”

How makeup is currently an integral part of the performance element of women’s wrestling.

If you’re a lady working in science, the L’Oréal USA For women in science fellowship program every year awards $60,000 grants to five postdoctoral scientists for their contributions annually to science, technology, engineering as well as math (STEM), as well as for their commitment to serving as function designs for younger generations.
The application period is open now as well as runs with February 2nd, 2018.

Tabs as well as I would like to go to this feline celebration as well as see you there, so bring your feline as well as something to share!

Vantablack is the truest, darkest black in the world. Now, if somebody might only figure out a method to replicate it in a Chanel Stylo Yeux liner…

Soon you may be able to try on all of the lipsticks at your preferred appeal store by tapping the screen on your phone.

Another huge appeal brand just gotten an independent line. Unilever bought Sundial brands (they make Nubian Heritage, Shea Moisture, as well as Madam C. J. Walker), the largest black-owned appeal service in the United States.

Just in situation you10 000 dolláros hajszárítót próbáltak találni …

A legszebb szemű színkorrektorok, valamint pontosan hogyan használják őket

Nem tudok elegendő Alissa Ashley videóit. Ő valóban nagyszerű elmagyarázni a “miért” a technikái mögött, valamint rendkívül hasznos. Néhány új technikát fedeztek fel ebből a bemutatótól a barna füstös kapucnis szemek számára.

Cassey az egyik előnyben részesített fizikai fitnesz oktató. Alaposan leírja mindent, valamint a felvételi karaktere valóban segíti az utolsó ismétlést.

This stretching video isn’t incredibly intense, however I’ve been trying to work on my versatility (I can’t stretch for sh*t, man!), as well as it’s been helpful. Én csinálom, amikor egy nap, általában kora reggel.

Vigyél vissza 1992-re! Ezt hallottam 102.1-en (a Bay Area’s Hip-hop állomás!) Tegnap, és érzem magam.


Oké, barátom, most, hogy megmutatom az enyém, meg kell mutatnod nekem a tiéd. Mondd el nekem a sok legutóbbi fellebbezési futást. Találtál erre a héten valamire?

A barátságos közösségi fellebbezési addtus,


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