July 19, 2024

A 10-Minute minimalist makeup Tutorial: Gleaming increased Gold Wings With glossy Cheeks as well as Lips

You CAN do this in 10 minutes!
I’ve been using this look with gleaming increased gold wings as well as glossy cheeks as well as lips lately, a lot of just recently to brunch with my good friend Cindy, as well as on the day I did this side-roll ponytail tutorial.

It’s borderline glam, which I like, however it’s still quick as well as easy. From begin to finish, you can do this in 10 minutes.


There are three things about this look that assist keep the time from spiraling out of control.

1. The concealer is doing the heavy lifting.

I’m not using any type of foundation at all. There’s just a medium-coverage liquid concealer with a natural satin finish, which I’m utilizing for area treatments to even out certain places, as well as I’ve selected a liquid concealer that can be developed up in layers anywhere I requirement the additional protection (it’s great to have that option).

2. pressed powder provides you a lot more control.

The concealer is set with a medium-coverage pressed powder, which is helpful for 10-minute looks, whereas loose powder is normally messier… pressed is just much easier for me to get hold of as well as go.


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Also, pressed powder has a tendency to look sheerer than loose powder does for me, which supplies a great deal a lot more manage over exactly how much powder really ends up my skin.

Basically, I’d rather apply less product as well as have to develop it as much as the protection I want than inadvertently apply as well much powder as well as have to eliminate the excess… It’s always much easier to add makeup than take it away, IMO.

3. A creamy eyeshadow pencil corrects any type of errors with the liquid liner.

Running the cream shadow along the edge of the liquid liner assists to hide any type of dips as well as imperfections. There’s likewise a subtle shift of radiate from the high beam gleam of the liquid liner to the softer shimmer of the pencil, which provides some subtle complexity to the liner.

Alright… Are you prepared for the breakdown? I hope so, since right here we go!

Before as well as after

A better look at the lids…
TOOLS (products I utilized are in italic):

A tool to blend your concealer as well as gel blush — a synthetic blending brush, beautyblender or your fingers (I utilized the MAC 187s)

A brow gel (I utilized hourglass Arch Brow Gel in warm Brunette)

A black mascara (Tarte Lights cam Lashes)

A brown pencil liner (MAC Teddy)

A metallic increased gold liquid liner (NUDESTIX rock ‘N’ Roller simple eyeliner Ink in golden Rosé)

A shimmery cream eyeshadow pencil (NUDESTIX Magnetic luminous Eye color in Nudity)

A medium-coverage concealer with a satin or matte finish(I utilized MAC studio Waterweight Concealer in NW30 for the under-eye area as well as NC42 for the rest of my face)

A medium-coverage pressed powder with a tint (MAC studio Waterweight Powder in medium Golden)

A cream or gel crayon that you can wear on both your lips as well as cheeks (NUDESTIX Ally from the Nude(art)ist: like Me Nudes natural edition kit)


Begin by applying as well as blending concealer anywhere you want/need coverage.

Conceal your dark circles, if you have them.

Set concealer with powder (but avoid the apples of your cheeks).

Fill in your brows with the brow gel.

Tightline your upper lash line, as well as then line your lower water line with the brown pencil.

Draw a flick at the outer corner of your eye with the gold, or increased gold, liquid liner.

Line your upper lash line with the exact same liquid liner, as well as link it to the flick.

Run the golden shimmery cream eyeshadow pencil along the edge of the liquid liner on your lids, however leave the flick bare, so it stays crisp.

Line your lower lash line with the cream eyeshadow pencil.

Coat your upper as well as lower lashes with mascara.

Line as well as fill in your lips with the cream or gel crayon.

Finish by blending the gel crayon atop the apples ? of your cheeks.


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