July 19, 2024

21 things I’m Thankful For

great morning, wonderful pea. Come right here a second. let me provide you a huge Thanksgiving Day hug since you should have a bit additional like this morning. The coffee maker is firing up, as well as I’m about to bake some pumpkin scones.

Hogy van ma reggel? This is the tenth (I think?) Thanksgiving we’ve had together on makeup as well as appeal Blog. Our very first was back in 2007 (!).


That’s a great deal of Thanksgivings…and carbs.

Here are 21 things I’m thankful for this year. What are a few of yours?

The coywolf/a.k.a Ms. Connor Claire ?

Your constant generosity as well as friendship

Another year with household as well as friends, great health and wellness as well as a roofing over my head

Loud kitty purrs very first thing in the morning

A rainbow of nail polish color choices (OMG, keep in mind when whatever was a different shade of pink, red or burgundy?)

Internet radio (Hello, old-school throwback hits from 105.1 The Bounce in Detroit. What’s up?!)

Good lighting; otherwise, I’d look like Gollum in all of my pictures…

The increase of the matte lipstick trend

Spontaneous dance breaks

Oh, gawd — locks on shower room doors!

Friends who text you out of the blue

Bowls full of persimmons from my parents

HIIT, since if it weren’t for HIIT, I never would have found that I have core muscles

Ooh! — freshly washed tapered blending eye brushes

Doing karaoke with my household as well as singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” together

Makeup cleansing oils

When infants sleep with the night

Selective amnesia… depend on me, it genuinely is something to be thankful for; otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to get with life.

Coffee cups full of hot, milky wonderful coffee very first thing in the morning

Nutella-filled doughnuts. Side note: I’ve never really had one, however I understand they exist ’cause I’ve seen them on Instagram, as well as just to understand that they’re available in the world makes me happy.

Lamps that don’t wobble (!)


Happy Thanksgiving, love.


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