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Saturday Surfing, February 15th, 2020

What’s up, Caturday?
Good morning, my sweet! boldog szombat.

Crazy feline woman moment: aren’t these the cutest CCL socks? They’re a Valentine’s Day gift from El Hub, as well as I gotta say, when he gets it right, he *REALLY* gets it right.


I’m quite sure Tabs briefly dated the kitty design on these socks…

So, don’t laugh, however I’m heading to Target in a few since I’m in the mood for a pale pastel pink polish, so I’m believing either Buns Up or crop top as well as Roll from the Essie Expressie line will do the trick.

I may be a bit obsessed.

While I contemplate the life-changing nature of quick-drying nail polish, you can catch up on your reading for the week.

Ever desire you might spring out of bed with all your deal with paint already in place? Here’s whatever you requirement to understand about long-term (and semi-permanent) makeup.

It appears like brands are when once again shifting their advertising focus to makeup artists, rather than social network influencers.

Beauty Chemist Alyssa area just recently opened a non-profit in Detroit, Myspace beauty Lab, where youngsters can check out as well as produce makeup with STEM. I would’ve liked this as a child!

Beautycounter (which is offered with a multi-level advertising program) aims to be the very first beauty brand to have physically audited every one of their mica mines to assurance a completely traceable supply chain by the end of 2020.

“Ambergris is, well…no one truly knows, however it either comes out of the back end of whale, or it’s regurgitated. however it is not usable when it very first comes out of the whale. It needs to float around on the sea for a couple of years, as well as then it gets cast up on the beach before you can utilize it.” <---- This is from a perfumer’s handle the recent wave of vagina-inspired scents made by stars (side note: did I truly just compose that sentence??). A matchmaker breaks down exactly how to odor like the very best version of yourself when you’re on a date. MILYEN GOROMBA! A 4-year-old French bulldog was stolen out of a Bay area salon by a guy who allegedly lured him away with mangoes. This salon in Indiana offers sensory-friendly haircuts for kids by playing music on low as well as handing out toys so youngsters can feel calm as well as free of stress while they’re getting a trim. Cats in China are using deal with masks amid the coronavirus crisis. Ah, the eternal question… Does your feline truly dislike you? For my beauty buddies on Oahu, there’s a new feline cafe in Kaimuki called Popoki as well as Tea. (side note: this community is El Hub’s old stomping grounds!). Connor’s fourth (!) birthday is coming up in March, which means I’ll most likely cry tears of nostalgia as I watch this… Welcome to the soundtrack of my pre-teen as well as teen years (I played A great deal of Chopin on the piano). The tune I’ve been listening to very first thing in the morning HIRDETÉS Oh, as well as let me understand what you believe of the last video (the Sigrid song). I’m getting Adele vibes from it. Your friendly community beauty addict, Karen

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