July 19, 2024

Makeup as well as appeal blog Monday Poll, Vol. 573

What I did last weekend…

Szóval … mi a hétfői szavazás?

Kiváló kérdés! It isn’t, in contrast to its name, an actual poll, like with bit clicky buttons. Ez csak öt vagy kevésbé véletlenszerű aggodalomra ad okot, amelyet minden hétfőn hétfőn adtam ki a blogot az elmúlt évadban (2007 óta). Szeretem a válaszokat olvasni, és segíti, hogy segítsen nekem a héten, hogy nagyszerűen kezdjem.

1. What are the names of your furbabies, as well as exactly how did they obtain their monikers?

“Tabs” is short of “Fussy Tabby,” which was the very first name we provided him he earned, however it didn’t rather stick. For a while, he was likewise “FT” (further shortened from “Fussy Tabby”), as well as that morphed into “Tabs.”

2. have you ever used a star scent, as well as if so, which ones?

I’ve used a few… Don’t laugh! a few of them are quite good. I really truly liked Britney Spears’ Midnight Fantasy, the bedazzled Britney Spears one. I used that religiously for a couple months.

3. Your favorite/least preferred kinds of cheese?

Favorites: fresh mozzarella, brie as well as any type of cheddar with bite. Oh, as well as cream cheese. (Does that even count as a cheese?)

Least favorites: Swiss…although I do like the holes, go figure. just not the taste itself. as well as any type of wimpy, moderate cheddar.

4. Are you a great salesperson?

Girlfriend, I might offer cats to a crazy pet dog lady.

5. who makes the very best brow pencil?

I’m partial to the one by NARS at the moment. Not as well harsh, stays on forever, has a skinny twist-up idea so the strokes look like genuine eyebrow hairs. ??

Food amnesia is a thing

Jó reggelt barátok! I hope you had a hoppy Easter. delighted Monday, too! I spent yesterday cooking, eating, hanging out, as well as not believing about counting carbs, ha ha ha! Nagyon jó volt.

I didn’t truly have a great deal of time to prep for the Easter meal, so I ended up making a lot of of the exact same dishes I made last Easter, even hard nobody in my household seemed to keep in mind that any type of of the dishes were repeats, which is fine with me since if this food amnesia occurs annually as well as I can make the exact same dishes over as well as over again, it’ll be like a new experience every time.

Roast poultry as well as potatoes
I made a roast poultry as well as rosemary potatoes meal from Laura in the Kitchen, which was truly simple as well as delicious. try it sometime! It’s not even truly a special event dish. It’s like a weekday dinner dish, however it’s great sufficient for company. I likewise made corn pudding from one of my preferred sites — recipe Tin Eats.


Corn pudding
Mi más? Ó! — corned beef as well as cabbage, since my daddy was craving it. I made it with my immediate Pot, which, by the way, I fell in like with when again. I hadn’t utilized it in a long time as well as failed to remember just exactly how incredibly tender it cooks meat.

Instant Pot corned beef as well as cabbage
Desszert. Ha ha. That’s normally my preferred part, right? however this year I made a decision that I had a great deal going on, so I had to pull back a little. As much as I was lured to make a carrot cake, I gotten a pre-made dessert as well as doctored it up instead. So, I got a cheesecake from Trader Joe’s as well as made a homemade strawberry glaze to go on top.

The glaze was a winner. I’m absolutely gonna do that again. however the cheesecake? Don’t ever depend on TJ’s to make your cheesecake for a special occasion, nuh-uh. The cheesecake was dense, flavorless as well as MAN! — the part of me that likes quite food photos was type of aggravated that a person half of the cheesecake crust was lopsided, as well as the filling was collapsed around the edges… It was straight-up ugly, so yeah, if you want something quite to pop in your feed, don’t depend on a TJ’s cheesecake to take care of that.


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

These two goofballs (my sibling as well as coywolf) are peas in a pod.
Thank you for putting up with my food talk!I understand it isn’t makeup or skin care, however it’s kind of associated in that it’s likewise innovative as well as normally visual at the exact same time. You’re just not putting everything over your deal with (most of the time). You’re putting in your tum-tum.

It’s a new week, as well as the sun is out. That always helps, doesn’t it? I hope you’re feeling refreshed as well as hopeful.

A barátságos közösségi fellebbezési addtus,



P.S. aggodalomra ad okot! Itt van másolni / beilleszteni a válaszokat egy megjegyzésben. hamarosan beszélünk.

1. What are the names of your furbabies, as well as exactly how did they obtain their monikers?
2. have you ever used a star scent, as well as if so, which ones?
3. Your a lot of favorite/least preferred kinds of cheese?
4. Are you a great sAlföld?
5. Ki teszi a legjobb homlokát ceruza?

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