July 19, 2024

Must-Have Moisturizing products

I have combination skin, and I love pampering it with all kinds of moisturizing serums, potions and masks. I’ve found that keeping my skin moisturized is the best way to keep it pleased and avoid minor irritations and redness (my skin is also pretty sensitive, lucky me!).

Even though we don’t really experience severe winter season weather in the Bay Area, thanks to indoor heating and cooler temperatures, I still load up on moisturizers, and these are my current favorites for keeping my skin moisturized and soft:


My nighttime skincare routine is sort of long, but I love it. I turn it into a small pampering session, and I’ll double-cleanse, tone, add a serum, then a moisturizer, then a facial oil…and this is on my “low key” nights!

Lately, I’ve been using Murad Hydro-Dynamic supreme Moisture at night (you can check out my nighttime skincare routine here). It’s packed with avocado, sunflower and olive oils, and even though it also has shea butter, it somehow manages to feel light. I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks, but my skin feels really soft and plump in the morning after I use it. I’ve discovered no irritation, either, so this is a certain winner. It’s available now at Sephora for $72.

Murad Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence is another new product for me, and it’s awesome! I’ve been curious about essences because the whole K-beauty craze hit last year, so I was very thrilled to try it out. It has a very lightweight texture that soaks best into my skin and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy at all. Right now, I layer it under either Murad Hydro-Dynamic supreme moisture (night) or Kiehl’s Ultra Facial cream (day), but I could see myself wearing this alone with just sunscreen during the summer.


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It also has glycolic acid, which is a gentle exfoliator that helps to even your skintone. I am so pleased with how this adds just the best increase of moisture to my skin, and if you have a moisturizer that leaves your skin dry towards the end of the day, consider adding something like this to your skincare routine. Or, if you have oily skin but need light moisture, this could be perfect. It’s available now at Sephora for $78.

Kiehl’s is one of my go-to skincare brands, and whenever I need something, whether it’s an eye cream or cleanser, I typically head to Kiehl’s first.  

Kiehls Ultra Facial cream is one of their best sellers for good reason. It just works. It moisturizes my skin without irritating it whatsoever or clogging my pores. It’s one of my year round products. during cooler months I’ll layer it, and during the warmer months it works terrific alone.

If you have normal skin and you’re searching for an everyday (and night) moisturizer, certainly check it out. It’s available now at Nordstrom for $27.50.


As for when my skin is feeling dry and irritated, I right away reach for first aid charm Ultra repair instant moisture Mask. loaded with oatmeal and botanicals, it is so good! It’s very soothing, moisturizing, and feels really thick, but it’s still easy to spread over your face. I always bring it with me when I travel and apply it best after flights, and I also use it whenever my skin is acting up.

If you have sensitive and/or dry skin, look into this. Sephora also has cute little sets with small sizes, making it even much more ideal for travel. It’s available now at Sephora for $22 (or the travel size is $9).

I’m always searching for the next terrific thing, so let me know if you’ve found any terrific moisturizers lately!

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