July 19, 2024

The Tom Ford shade & Illuminate Lip Duos

The six new Tom Ford shade and Illuminate Lip Duos, available now, $60 each
Brand new TF cream shadows!

Csak viccel. They aren’t cream shadows…but they look like they are, don’t they?


I can’t be the only person out there who thought that these new Tom Ford shade and Illuminate Lip Duos were actually cream shadows. In fact, I may or may not have tried one of them on my lids (FYI, I don’t recommend doing this, although, off the record, it was kind of fun!).

Are these cream shadows or what??

Tom’s new shade and Illuminate Lip Duos look like eyeshadow duos, cost about as much as his eye products (they’re $60 each), and they even come with little sponge applicators.

Thing is, they aren’t for ‘ze ? eyes… No, these are for ‘ze ? ajkak!


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

Tom ford whipped up a new formula called “powder gelee,” which I think might be fancy talk for a cream-to-powder lip formula, for these swanky six, all of which are new for spring 2017.

Tom Ford’s powder-gelee formula features emollient oils and a blend of polymers that provide rich color release and adherence.

— tomford.com

Tom Ford shade and Illuminate Lips in Impulse
These duos go on creamy but dry to a velvety matte finish. I think they look a lot like the Chanel Velvets, but they feel lighter than Chanel’s do to me, which I wouldn’t have guessed possible, because the Chanel velvets feel sooo barely-there noticeable.

If you don’t like to feel like you’re wearing lipstick when you are, I think you’ll like how these feel.

Tom Ford shade and Illuminate Lips in Nikita
Next-level highlighting and contouring

Tom Ford is big into contouring, with darker colors to sculpt and create angles, and lighter colors to accentuate and draw the eye to the high points of the face. It’s a structured, architectural makeup aesthetic, and it’s the kind of aesthetic these duos are designed to bring to lips.

Tom Ford shade and Illuminate Lips in Possession
The two coordinating colors are for doing easy ombre matte lips. You use the darker shade to outline your lips and the lighter shade to highlight the inner areas. Or, you can just be a lazy lip lady like me and use the colors separately/by themselves, because let’s be real — I ain’t got no time to carefully blend two lip colors together. Plus, I left lips with dark outlines behind me in the ’90s.

Tom Ford shade and Illuminate Lips in Saboteur
Still, part of me loves how Tom Ford took these to the next level, and I gotta hand it to the Tom Ford girls who have the chutzpah to highlight and contour their lips, because that’s some hardcore makeup commitment, baby!

Layering is SO key

OK, I admit it — these lipsticks are a lot of fun to apply. Normally, I’ll always choose a lipstick bullet over a palette, and I talk mad smack about silly sponge applicators, but for some reason, loading this sponge and swiping it across my lips is hella satisfying. I can completely cover everything in one layer (they’re crazy opaque!), and my lipstick and lips look preternaturally smooth, like I made a sketchy side deal with a trio of witchy sisters for eternally youthful, velvety lips.

Tom Ford shade and Illuminate Lips in Tantalize
Ó! — and they smell like Vanilla coke!

Mmm, Vanilla Coke… (But they’re unflavored.)

Now here’s the kicker: these aren’t the longest-lasting lip products in the Tom Ford fam, so you might want to have your favorite lip balm, lip pencil and maybe even a long-wearing sticky gloss handy, because these don’t last long if you wear them on their own. I only get about an hour or two at the most, so I suggest lining your lips with a lip pencil first and popping a layer of TF shade and Illuminate on top.

And if you have dry lips like I do, lay down a lip balm before you use the lip pencil, because when I skip the balm, my flakes go bat-sh@t cray.

Yup, the formula is drying.

Tom Ford shade and Illuminate Lips in Automatic
Final verdict

Props to Tom for creating an innovative formula that looks lovely on lips (especially in pics), but I think these really should last longer for the price.

I’ll always have mad love for Tom Ford lippies, but there are other lipsticks in the TF line that last longer, leave my pout less parched (like my main squeeze, Sable Smoke), and are probably a better deal overall for your moolah.

Adventures in Pilates…

That Pilates class I went to on Sunday in Petaluma was pretty cool. It was my first time ever at Pilates, and it was definitely a different workout than I’m used to.

I like to run, and I’ve been liking the HIIT classes I’ve been going to. Basically, I’ve always liked workouts where the music’s blasting and you grit your teeth and go into beast mode, but Pilates wasn’t like that at all. It was very elegant and concentrated, and very focused in a different way.

The particular class I went to was at urban Guerrilla in Petaluma (my friendBernadette megtanítja).

Nem tudom, hogy azonnal megteszem, mert én voltam egy módban, hogy lassan növelje az edzésem intenzitását az utóbbi időben, de talán, amikor a magom erősebb lesz, képes leszek menni innen és Nyomja meg magam nehezebb különböző módon.

Nem hagytam el az osztályt izzadságban, de jól éreztem magam. Az összes izmom úgy érezte magát, és … hosszabb (wow, mint a borjú nyúlik!). Amikor a borjú nyúlik, én voltam az, aki elment, “Arrrghh!” Az égésből és Bernadette azt mondta: “Tegnap futottál?”


Igen … Én tettem.

A barátságos környék szépségfüggő,


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