July 19, 2024

The new NARS NARSissist wanted Cheek palette I

Your new favorite everyday blush palette
WANTED! Reward provided for the capture of the new NARS NARSissist wanted Cheek palette I, which may or may not have fallen between the cushions of my couch.

This bad young boy is $59 and one of two new LE NARSissist wanted blush palettes to launch with the new NARSissist wanted Power pack Lip Kits. It comes with six 0.13-oz. pans of powder blush, which are just sliiiightly smaller than regular full-size 0.16-oz. NARS blush pans.
Four of them are mattes, and two are shimmers.


Unlimited, Buzzed, Notorious, Kingpin, Bumpy ride and Crave
Now for the really good news: only one of the shades is a re-promote — shimmery candy pink Bumpy Ride. The other five colors are LE.

Of the two wanted Cheek Palettes, this one, v. 1, is the lighter option, and while its raison d’être is to kiss the cheeks of lasses with light and medium skin tones, I also like it for brown skin because it’s so easy to wear, on account of the mid-toned shades, which implies that I can apply them half-asleep using a regular blush brush… because they don’t look too intense or deep on me, I don’t have to overthink the Alkalmazás.

Wanted 1 and 2 with my t-rex claw for scale
NARS gets really high marks from me for the mattes, which have had their powder grains whittled down to practically microscopic size, so the blushes look like someone painted pure color on my cheeks. No powdery residue at all! They’re all stunning on bare skin, too, but matte coral Buzzed and matte rose Kingpin are my faves. I think they’re the most wearable of the six shades.


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most


I was amazed to see that matte lavender Notorious shows up on my skin because it looks so pale in the pan, but the high pigment helps.

Actually, all six blushes in this palette are quite pigmented, now that I think about it, and yet still easy to wear, even on medium and deeper skin tones. Notorious is a cool-toned lavender and isn’t excessively blue, so even if you have a warm skin tone (like I do), it doesn’t look too jarring. In fact, it’s shockingly cute. It has juuust enough contrast.

Matte bright coral Crave makes a dark, intense (and possibly borderline scary!) first impression in its pan, but if you use a light touch and a blush brush to apply it to your cheeks, they’ll look like you just sprinted a mile…except without the elevated heart rate and all the sweat, LOL!

As for shimmery pale pink Unlimited, it looks practically dewy. applied thoroughly and conservatively with a blush brush, it looks like one of the amazing hourglass Ambient Highlighting Powders.

Applied much more heavily, though, it rapidly goes full-on Instagram highlight (a.k.a. it’s very frosty). So pull back with this one. I like it as a highlighter. In small doses.

And then there’s shimmery candy pink Bumpy Ride, which isn’t as shimmery as Unlimited. Now, I’m not typically a shimmery blush person…but I like Bumpy Ride. It’s just barely shimmery. I wouldn’t even call it shiny.

Rögös út
Overall, I dig this palette, especially the mattes. If someone told me that I could only use one cheek palette for a month, and it had to be this one, I wouldn’t feel like I was missing something. Rajongó vagyok!

If you squint you can see the Statue of Liberty. completely kidding! amazing pixelated cover though.
It’s available now on the Ulta site (and coming March 18th to Ulta stores), and arrives at NARS boutiques and the NARS site on March 15th.


A barátságos környéke Charmfüggő,


P.S. pleased hump day!!!

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