July 19, 2024

Sundays With Tabs the Cat, makeup as well as appeal blog Mascot, Vol. 348

My darlings,

My birthday, which I show my assistant on June 9th, is coming up in a couple weeks (we’re Geminis!), as well as to assist her assist me, I’ve produced this extremely special feline gift desire list.


Let’s hope she gets the hint.

Love ya a lot more than catnip,



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1. Neon Kitten birthday Cake

What’s a birthday without a magnificent birthday cake?! I’m taking this photo of this neon kitten birthday cake to my personal chef for inspiration. all of the photos will be of me, of course. by means of craftsy.com.

2. World’s finest feline Trophy, $9.49

Because, obviously. offered now at perpetualkid.com.

3. Microchip Pet Door, $200

Because in-and-out privileges are a right, not a luxury. By scanning your microchip, this state-of-the-art pet door enables you to freely go into as well as exit your house while likewise keeping your enemies out. offered now at sureflap.com.

4. Hepper Hi-Lo feline Scratching Post, $67

Birthday cats who appreciate clean lines in style will like this special scratching post. offered now at hepper.com.

5. Hepper Pod feline Bed, $147

I like exactly how this herringbone feline bed matches with so lots of different fur patterns as well as fur colors. offered now at hepper.com.

6. Three-story indoor/outdoor feline home, $199.95

Clearly, a one-story feline house isn’t enough. For the birthday feline who’s slogan is “more is more.” offered now at plowhearth.com.

7. feline Keyboard Scratcher, $11.99

Sing us a song, you’re the piano guy cat! A magnificent gift for musical felines. offered now at perpetualkid.com.

8. Homemade Kitty Kisses feline treats (DIY)

Nothing states “Happy Birthday” like homemade kitty treats. by means of allrecipes.com.

9. area Pirate Kitty Laser Pointer, $9.99

Aye, matey! demand that your assistant gift you with the area Pirate Kitty Laser Pointer, or ye’ll be walkin’ the plank, yar! offered now at perpetualkid.com.

10. water resistant heated outside feline House, $149.95

What do you get when you integrate the appeal of the outdoors with the comforts of indoor living? The purr-fect birthday gift for both indoor as well as outside cats — that’s what. take pleasure in the fantastic outdoors while you stay warm as well as toasty. offered now at plowhearth.com.

11. true like Birdcage feline Bowl, $94

This true like Birdcage feline bowl exhibits downplayed elegance. offered now at mungoandmaud.com.

12. feline bowl Meow, $25

Miaú! Food is the worldwide feline language of love. show your birthday feline that you like her/him daily of the year with this minimalist Meow bowl. offered ideal meow at mungoandmaud.com.

13. Coveside Panoramic In-House window Bird Feeder with Mirrored Panel, $106

Have lunch provided directly to your preferred windowsill! offered now at lowes.com.

14. ABO gear delighted habitat for indoor Cats, $50

Not up for a big birthday bash this year? spend your huge day lounging in the fantastic outdoors safely while enjoying the 360-degree view in this delighted habitat for Cats. offered now at amazon.com.

15. feline Sitter DVD Triology, $30

For those nights when you feel like kicking it at house with some catnip, these DVDs produce a kicking back evening. offered now at amazon.com.

16. music Cats Love: While You Are Gone, $14

Sometimes you want to hear birds chirping in the background, as well as often you don’t. This collection of tunes is for the latter. offered now at amazon.com.

17. feline Crib, $29

Relax in the lap of high-end in this comfy feline crib. offered now at catcrib.com.

18. The Aquarium Coffee Table, $699

Form satisfies function in this cat-friendly coffee table. offered now at hammacher.com.

19. The CatCase Bookcase/Cat Tree

This bookcase features an interior staircase to enable you to climb to the greatest of heights! Unfortunately, the business that makes this bookcase, metropolitan feline Design, no longer seems to be online, so it’s a tough to track down.

But you may still want to show this to your assistant if he or she is helpful with tools. by means of catster.com.

20. incredibly Mario feline Condo (DIY)

A diy feline condo for those of you who have builder-type assistants. like the gaming angle! by means of themarysue.com.

21. remove window Feeder, $8.97


Get better to the fantastic outdoors with this remove window feeder. offered now at homedepot.com.

22. Window-Mount See-Through remove Plastic Bird Feeder, $29.95

This see-through feeder makes a stimulating gift for birthday cats who are likewise avid birdwatchers. offered now at plowhearth.com.

23. Kitty Korner Komber Self-Grooming Aid, $8.13

Sometimes you just requirement your cheeks rubbed. For those moments when you can’t discover your assistant, this Kitty Korner Komber is available in handy. offered now at amazon.com.

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