July 19, 2024

Product Spotlight: MAC glow Play blush in Grand

30 seconds to blush
FOR THE like OF poultry STRIPS (this is indicative of my vibrant language these days, considering that Connor’s been repeating whatever she hears), I’ve been pushing my luck difficult in the mornings to get what I requirement to get done before heading to the bakery for work.

When it comes time for makeup, I fly up the stairs, get hold of my a lot of dependable products as well as tools, as well as set my timer for three minutes.


One of the dependable products I understand I can turn to now is peachy pink MAC Grand blush ($30), since even in full sunlight (which, you know, takes no prisoners), it absolutely does not make me look crazy.

It feels like a finely-packed powder using a soft, bouncy cream, as well as as I smooth it on my cheeks, no bits pool in my pores. Also, difficult edges?? Mik azok?

There’s a comfort in understanding that even though I rushed the makeup (seriously, it’s a miracle I haven’t poked my eye out with a mascara wand), I can dance into my day without appearing like a rogue clown who frightens kids in nightmares.


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

(It’s the bit things.)

Blush is that often-overlooked connective step that ties lots of makeup looks together, as well as so even when I’m doing extremely basic makeup looks — mascara, tinted moisturizer as well as a nude (or a bold) lip — I try to make time for blush.

The remarkable ones, like MAC Grand, take a simple 30 seconds to use, as well as they’re worth it.

I’m using Grand on my cheeks. (The lipstick is MAC Baroque the Internet, in situation you’re wondering.)

The smooth, bouncy structure enthusiastically succumbs to blending, leaving behind smooth gradients, even when you’re rushing so intensely that you’re testing the limits of the space-time continuum.

Best of all, it delivers color that lasts all the time long.


If you like makeup however just don’t have the additional bandwidth to manage one more THING, this blush might be the best blush for you. utilize it for a sheer laundry of color when you’re rushing, or layer it to develop up the intensity on days days when you have a lot more time to do the artsy-fartsy stuff.

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