July 19, 2024

How makeup assisted Me embellish My Deck (and Some wonderful new discovers at Marshalls)

buried treasure!
Ó Istenem. So, I’ve always believed of myself as home-decorating challenged, mainly since I get overwhelmed by all the choices. as well lots of options, as well as I totally shut down, however this weekend I lastly figured out something major (I think), as well as it’s associated to makeup, which type of blew my mind…

I discovered that if I take certain… I don’t want to phone call them rules; I’ll phone call them themes instead. If I take specific themes that I understand work for me when I’m putting together a makeup look, as well as apply those themes to decorating, it makes things so much easier!


Contrasting elements

Like when I’m putting on makeup, if I integrate contrasting aspects into whatever I’m doing, that looks ideal to me. Whether it’s contrasting colors or completes or something else. Like, for example, satiny skin with glossy lids as well as a matte lip. There’s something visually attractive about integrating different completes together, since when the completes are as well similar, it reads as flat or monotone.

Varying heights
When I went to Marshalls to look for great offers on pots as well as things to embellish “the woman sanctuary,” I had that concept of contrast in mind as I chosen out plant stands, of all things. I believed that if all of the potted plants ended up being low to the ground, it would look as well monotone, as well as as well much like just one note, so I got some plant stands of diverse height.

Then I took it a step additionally with some other contrasting elements, like, a few of the stands have directly legs, as well as some have curvy legs. Some are newer-looking with a black wrought iron finish, as well as some have a lot more of an aged bronzed finish.


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

Curved lines…
And directly lines

When you think about the stands individually, they look like a random mishmash, however when you see them all together with the different heights, the curves, the lines as well as the colors, it works!


Another thing that assisted me a lot: the concept repetition. When I’m doing makeup, I like to repeat specific elements. Say, when I do a sharp feline liner, I’ll add a hot pink matte lip with razor sharp edges, as well as then I’ll repeat the pink style with a pink blush to opt for the lip. I like exactly how those bit echoes tie things together, so I had that in mind as I chosen this mosaic side table…

Q*bert memories #datingmyself
It has awesome blue tiles on top, as well as the color is similar to the color of one of my pots.

Cool as well as blue
Oh, as well as side note, I planted phlox in that pot! I dunno, however I assumption that’s a huge offer since the woman who rang me up at the gardening store made a huge to-do about it, as well as exactly how she hadn’t seen phlox in 15 years, however somebody special bought it for a huge style project, as well as the store ended up with some extras.

Csinos! as well as feline safe.

So repetition can be a great thing in makeup as well as house decorating. however things don’t have to match completely (and most likely shouldn’t).

Go with your gut

Don’t overthink it. If you like something, there has to be a reason. like with makeup, if I’m not sure what lip color to wear with a specific look, I’ll get hold of a few shades as well as try each one, since often the technical policies of what’s meant to opt for what just don’t feel right. You gotta depend on your gut.

I did that with whatever for the woman sanctuary — the flowers, the plant stands, even the yellow watering can. If I reacted positively to something (and if it was in my budget, of course), I went with it.

You gotta depend on your gut.

Just opt for it
The fun extras

And since I was at Marshalls, I had to entrust to a few fun extras. such as this adorable feline cup by Portobello By Design. It’s made from strong bone china, so ideally El Hub won’t inadvertently break it!

Cat woman cup FTW
You understand exactly how there are the shelves with knickknacks as well as whatnot by the checkout stand in a lot of stores? I discovered this gem hidden behind some fugly mugs while I was waiting permanently as well as a day in the line at Marshalls.

Parade o’ kitties
Tabby in the house, y’all!
I likewise snagged a couple of these $4.99 foaming hand soaps by Michel (I’ve seen them at two other stores in my town for $10.99 a bottle!). I like these since they get out all the gunk however don’t dry out my hands.

Birds nest soap to match my birds nest hair
I likewise got these fun clocks by Cynthia Rowly…

It’s pineapple time
I’m absolutely a print person. The kookier as well as a lot more whimsical the better!

So I’ve made a decision to just accept that.



Not gonna overthink things, remember?

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